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Gra Kooperacyjna Miś i Pszczoły

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Gra Kooperacyjna Miś i Pszczoły

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Description Teddy Bear and Bees Cooperative Game

Are you smarter than a teddy bear? Feel the power of the team and win the race for honey! Run, ready, go!

Teddy Bear and the Bees is a cooperative game for preschoolers in which they learn teamwork and problem solving. Children take on the role of hardworking bees and try to turn flower nectar into honeycombs as quickly as possible. They have to make it before the greedy bear sprinter overtakes them!

Bees do not care which flower they get nectar from, so during the games, players practice the ability to recognize colors, think strategically and predict the consequences of their own actions. Spin the drawing wheel and it will not only show you the way, but you will also find out where the teddy bear will go.

The competition can be held at up to 3 levels of advancement. In basic, players have to form a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row as quickly as possible and throw the honeycomb into the hive. At the same time, the teddy bear runs for honey along its path. Younger players can set cute traps for the teddy bear to slow it down, while older players must take into account the movement of the butterfly before deciding where to place the bee token.

The Teddy Bear and the Bees cooperative game for children develops all the skills necessary to work in a team, including: the ability to commit to a common goal, cooperate, negotiate arrangements, make choices, and consult with other group members and be responsible for jointly made decisions.

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Minimal age 3 year +
Sex girl
Minimum number of players 1
Leading color multicolour
Additional Effects lack
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