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Laser Gun Set


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In our offer, you will find products that will undoubtedly meet your child's expectations. Especially since playing with laser guns is incredibly easy, and most of our guns have features that significantly enhance their use. We have carefully selected products that have made it into our offer. Therefore, you can be sure that our blue laser guns, as well as those available in other colors, will meet your expectations.

Laser Guns and Our Range for Every Type of Weapon

Our range of laser guns is not only attractive but also extensive. We usually sell our safe laser guns in sets, which work great for play. Both with friends and on the parent-child line. Each of our weapons has many different functions that undoubtedly make it easier to use them. Popular set features include life indicator, weapon connection indicator, the ability to connect guns, team selection function, and much more. The versatility of our offer means that our customers often return to us for new toys. Our range of laser guns is truly extensive, and the products available in it can differ radically from each other. Some have sounds signaling a shot, while others have an ammo depletion indicator. Some are designed for play for up to four teams (and thus have a sound signaling the end of the game). Others perfectly imitate paintball guns known from the game. A lot depends on the specific model.

Laser Tag Guns and Safety

Our guns are toys that work great in contact with children over eight years old (although younger ones can always be accompanied by a parent). They are entirely safe toys. As their description says, the guns do not shoot real bullets but are based on lasers (so-called laser tag). The laser tag gun set is powered by batteries (usually AA). The set consisting of two guns usually does not include them in the package - however, they can be easily purchased separately.

Why Choose Laser Guns with Laser Sights?

Laser tag guns guarantee great fun that can be played individually. However, there is nothing to prevent you from starting a multiplayer game at any time. In this case, a person who loses all lives loses. At the beginning of the game, each player receives three lives, and by shooting opponents, they eliminate them from the game. As for the laser tag game, it enjoys tremendous popularity among children. However, it is not the only advantage they can get from our guns. Among the others, you can include:

  • ease of use - the gun set is powered by regular batteries. Each type of weapon has special sensors that allow for smooth interactive play - operation is trivial,
  • learning cooperation - laser guns work great in multiplayer games (team play) - playing with the set develops the skill of cooperation and teamwork,
  • development of a child's motor skills - the laser gun set is also a toy designed to develop a child's alertness, agility, and cunning - just right for children who require a lot of movement.

How to Choose a Laser Gun?

When choosing a laser gun for your child, pay attention to the contents of the set above all. We try to make it very attractive in every case. However, it is up to you to assess whether it will work for your child. Also, pay attention to functionalities - with a laser sight at the forefront. The presence of such additions as the weapon change button, ammo depletion indicator, or a speaker emitting various sounds corresponding to actions is one of the basic things. Remember that if necessary, you can always reach for our help. We will be happy to advise which laser set is best for you. After purchase, we will explain how to start our amazing gun set. So it can provide the full joy of play.

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