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Internal combustion motorcycles are among the most popular internal combustion vehicles in Poland. Adapted to the needs, capabilities and expectations of teenagers, they bring them many benefits - not only the obvious ones, related to providing fantastic entertainment. We in our wholesale store put at your disposal a variety of models of internal combustion motorcycles. As is our custom, we have carefully selected the manufacturers with whom we have entered into cooperation. This means that with us you can have absolute confidence in the quality of each of them. In every possible field.

Why invest in internal combustion motorcycles?

Internal combustion motorcycles, like all other vehicles aimed at younger audiences, are immensely popular primarily because of their appeal to the target audience. They are close to full-fledged motorcycles, and as a result, young people are eager to use them - rides are practically impossible to get bored with, making them an ideal option for years to come. One that is successfully able to instill in a child a passion for motorization and push them towards its continuous development. Internal combustion motorcycles in an excellent way draw the child away from the world of the Internet, which is beginning to take a prominent role from an early age today. They create room for the development of a new passion, but also open up the possibility of making new friends. It is also worth mentioning that combustion motorcycles also have - unnoticeable at first glance - didactic values. First of all, they teach the child to move a motor vehicle, which will certainly be useful for him in the future. They also certainly induce in him a greater sense of responsibility for his actions. They train calmness and composure in his behavior, and allow him to understand the importance of caution in traffic. Above all, however, they allow him to build empathy. The child will know what the road looks like from the perspective of the driver. This will certainly improve his behavior as a pedestrian as well. Riding an internal combustion motorcycle also creates an excellent field for learning traffic regulations. While your child cannot practice it on public roads (without a driver's license), you can instill it in him in theory. With an internal combustion vehicle, this knowledge will certainly not be ignored by them.

The main advantages of internal combustion motorcycles - at a glance

  • Building a new passion - internal combustion motorcycles are so attractive that a young person eagerly reaches for them. Moreover, he tries to learn more about both their other models and their "more mature" counterparts. He is simply interested in the subject,
  • development of motor
  • - using an internal combustion motorcycle, a teenager is able to develop his motor skills, learn precise movements (with the steering wheel) and build in himself calmness and prudence (in adding gas). All this results in new skills,
  • great daily activity - internal combustion motorcycles perfectly pull away from the screen of the computer or phone, allowing to taste the activity in the open air - developing also physically,
  • phenomenally attractive entertainment - internal combustion vehicles for young people is, first of all, a fantastic form of spending time - engaging, unpredictable and providing them with a shot of adrenaline
  • ,
  • learning empathy - by means of independent motorcycle riding, a young person begins to understand drivers and what they expect from him as a pedestrian. This consequently also leads to an increase in his safety - at pedestrian crossings or simply in more heavily trafficked neighborhoods,
  • building self-reliance - the driver must independently deal with any situation he encounters while driving. Motorcycles, therefore, provide a great opportunity to develop problem-solving skills on their own,
  • with little financial out
  • - many things a young person could be passionate about require a considerable financial outlay. In the case of internal combustion motorcycles, these are not large at all - the vehicle itself costs little, and its subsequent operation is very economical (fuel plus maintenance).

Are internal combustion motorcycles safe vehicles?

With internal combustion motorcycles, the safety situation is exactly the same as with other internal combustion vehicles. So in many respects it depends on you and your child, and therefore the target user. We, for our part, guarantee vehicles that are perfectly designed for safe driving. In the case of motorcycles, this is taken care of by an excellent shock absorption system, allowing you to ride more easily over all kinds of bumps. Not without significance are also tires with thick tread, which in turn is reflected in better drainage of water from under the wheels. From our side, therefore, you can count on a vehicle that meets expectations in terms of safety. However, for internal combustion motorcycles to be fully safe, they must first of all be used with head. Already when making a purchase decision, you should consider whether your child will be able to use them skillfully. In turn, after the purchase, you should pay special attention to proper preparation (we will say more about it in a moment). To make riding a motorcycle safe, you must also choose the right place for it. Here, however, we have no golden advice - this should be tailored to the current capabilities and skills of the young person. You will also take care of safety by choosing the right accessories. The absolute basis, of course, is the helmet - as best as possible and perfectly adapted to the head of its wearer. Also important, of course, are knee and elbow protectors, but also the entire clothing of the motorcyclist. Each of these items is worth buying even before the first ride. Not only for safety reasons, but also to get your teenager used to having to wear them. Remember: you are responsible for your kid's safety - regardless of where they polish their skills. So do your best to always accompany her in this and make sure she uses the vehicle properly.

Why should you buy a combustion motorcycle from us?

As a wholesaler, over many years of activity we have managed to forge a pattern of cooperation with third-party manufacturers. In the case of internal combustion motorcycles, we did not recognize compromises in the context of choosing the best one - the one whose vehicles we will offer with us. This has resulted in a great range of products that you can simply trust. Both in terms of safety and more broadly in terms of build quality. The internal combustion motorcycles we offer are not only cheap (especially considering their parameters), but also solid. Prepared on the basis of durable materials, they can cope even in the harshest possible conditions - and these they will certainly have to deal with. They are powered by robust engines and equipped with excellent components that guarantee reliability. We take care to ensure that you can enjoy the best prices on the market - without compromising on quality. We offer you our vehicles in a wide range of color options. This makes you able to select them adequately to the taste of their target user. As one of the few on the market, we are also able to assist you in your selection or simply provide you with additional information about our vehicles. In addition, we cover each of them with a full warranty and excellent after-sales service. All of this adds up to the phenomenal buying conditions we create. With us, you are assured of your ultimate satisfaction.

First steps with a combustion motorcycle - what to do after purchase?

It goes without saying that a combustion motorcycle is not a vehicle that you should get on without any idea about driving and without proper preparation. This fact is even truer in the context of its younger users. So how can you prepare your child for driving? It turns out that there are many things you are able to do... even before the vehicle you bought from us reaches you. Today's world is very easy access to the Internet and all kinds of instructional videos (and articles). These do an excellent job of teaching theory and showing you the basics, which will certainly make it easier to take your first steps into reality. Preparation must also involve finding the ideal place to take the first steps. First of all, it should be a relatively large area with as much flat surface as possible. Hills significantly hinder the ride at the beginning (but later they are an attraction). It must be a private place, without car traffic and with as little pedestrian traffic as possible. It's a good idea to bring along cones - exactly the kind of cones used in a driving school yard. They are valuable not only at the beginning, but also in honing your own skills later on. Once your child gets on the motorcycle, let him get familiar with it dry, without starting the engine. He needs to know where to look for the brakes (this is the most important thing), how to add gas and how to balance on the motorcycle. Devote as much time as possible to this, and it will surely bear fruit. The first steps with the engine running must also be as small as possible. When it comes to motor vehicles, there is no point in throwing your child into the deep end. Let him do everything at his own pace, slowly reaching perfection in riding.

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