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Our Store Offers a Range of Trampolines and Sports Equipment, Including Essential Safety Nets We fully understand the importance of safety when it comes to trampolines and sports, which is why internal and external safety nets are fundamental. All our trampolines come equipped with protective nets. Given the intensive use trampolines often undergo, these nets may need replacement, and we provide high-quality options for that. Every product we offer, including replacement nets, is of the highest quality. Protective Nets for Trampolines in Our Offer A trampoline provides plenty of fun, provided it can ensure safety. An external net provides complete security, allowing children to feel safe during outdoor play. Our nets take into account everything that could matter - trampoline diameter, lower pole, upper ring, upper pole, or the top ring. The sizes of nets offered by our warehouse perfectly match the trampolines we sell. If you bought your trampoline from us, you'd have no problem choosing a suitable net. Each net comes with instructions on how to install it correctly, as the role of protective nets is too important to be treated lightly. Before installing, learn from us how to properly mount the net. Advantages of Internal Nets from Our Store Safety nets play a crucial role in the daily use of trampolines. Their affordability is not their only advantage. More important benefits include: Prevention of Falling Out: Especially appreciated by small children - remember to install the net according to all recommendations. Sense of Safety and Confidence: The net allows for enjoyable jumping without worrying about safety. It thus expands the possibilities associated with using the trampoline. Highest Quality Nets: We understand that a net must provide safety, whether it's a fabric net, a rope net, or a polypropylene net. Remember, safety nets always need to be tailored to your trampoline, as the external net encloses it. Choose the right one - even the highest quality internal net won't work if chosen incorrectly. Take care to select an external net that considers the circumference of your trampoline. What to Look for When Buying a Safety Net? When buying a net, pay attention to several basic aspects that affect its quality. There are three types of nets on the market - fabric net, rope net, and polypropylene net. Both can be well-made, and in our store, you can be certain of their quality. The right net should have the appropriate mesh size and the right number of mesh eyes. When choosing, pay attention not only to the quality of the net but especially to the dimensions of the trampoline. A larger trampoline will require a longer net. Safe garden trampolines also need the right net height, which should be adjusted to the trampoline's 'power' and how high it allows jumping. Remember, you want to prevent falling out with the safety net. The height of the protective net should be adequate for this purpose. Want to improve the safety of your trampoline but unsure about the right net? Confused by the different net sizes? Contact us, and we'll gladly advise and suggest how to fit the net and its fixtures to your needs. We guarantee that affordability is not our only advantage.
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