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Our online store understands how important it is to prepare children for adulthood. That's why we have carefully selected products that truly help children learn to read, encourage them to attempt writing (calligraphy is crucial), and assist in mastering counting. We have chosen all our products to be of high quality and suitable for children of all ages.

Learning to Read, Write, and Speak - Our Range of Educational Toys

We have selected toys in this category to make it easy for children to learn the basics. We offer products tailored to the needs of children from the first year of life, as well as for slightly older kids who are familiar with exercise books and are ready for more. All these products serve to acquire skills such as reading, writing, and counting, mainly through play and their child-friendly form. Of course, it is essential to remember that during the first years of learning, it would be best to accompany the youngest ones in acquiring skills, even with basic toys. Independent play with these toys works best during preschool education, after the child has learned to recognize numbers or letters. Only then can the child focus on independent writing or reading simple text passages. Each of our toys has been carefully selected to bring joy while teaching. Children practice writing or reading through play, arranging letter stickers, moving blocks on an abacus, or matching shapes. They take a step towards independent writing. The use of our toys encourages children to take up reading and is one of the most effective learning methods.

Why Choose Our Toys and Opt for Learning to Count?

Toys that facilitate writing letters, improve broader writing skills, or help children learn to write their first letters or read can bring many benefits to you and your child. What are the advantages of choosing them?

  • Better preparation for school: Learning to read introduced early will give the child an advantage from the start. Teachers only address reading in preschool, and the polishing of writing skills even later.
  • Familiarity with the subject of learning: Acquiring writing skills with our toys is accompanied by introducing the child to the school world. Later, formal learning to write letters and reading will come much easier.
  • Quicker introduction to adulthood: Children who quickly master the syllabic method of reading or increase their level of writing skills will develop faster than their peers. Even if they choose only the syllabic method of reading, it will be easier for them later on.

How to Choose the Right Toy for Learning the First Letters, Writing, and Counting?

Are you planning to buy a toy for writing numbers or one that improves reading or writing skills? Are you interested in any educational games that enhance writing or syllabic reading? Remember to choose a toy that matches your child's age. The youngest children cannot immediately practice effective reading. Not all children may find writing interesting. It is important for the development of writing skills, calligraphy to take place at the right time, so that the child is aware of what they are doing. Therefore, it is worth starting with a toy that allows for learning letters. Only later should you opt for toys that allow for syllabic reading. Do you have trouble choosing a toy for your child? Contact us. We will be happy to advise you on which toy will work best for developing writing skills and which will facilitate writing letters or introduce proven processes of learning to read.

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