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All products in this category have been carefully selected by us. Each double-sided educational board you find here will work well even with the most demanding user. We made sure that our educational boards contain everything necessary for using them. Our educational toys are of high quality, ensured through tests conducted before introducing a product to our offer.

Our Educational Board Offer

Products in this category include not only high-quality magnetic boards but also chalkboards for chalk writing and special wooden boards that work in a more classic way. In the case of each of these types, you can count on attractive design and many educational values. A double-sided magnetic board, for example, allows attaching various magnets to it (usually included in the set). On the double-sided board, a child's whims will be drawn (or rather will be drawn). We make sure that each board has a simple design and is suitable for many uses. Thanks to this, our children's boards will be useful in working with both the youngest and slightly older children. Of course, much depends on the specific model or set of boards.

Why Buy an Educational Board for Your Child?

Educational boards from our offer are so popular for a reason. Everything results from how valuable toys they actually are. What will you and your child gain after getting one? Primarily:

  • the ability to stimulate imagination - a double-sided board allows the child to have a huge field of action - they can use it in any way, not necessarily based on the set's content and magnetic pictures included,
  • development of fine motor skills - children's boards force children to use their hands - whether it's drawing or arranging motivational magnets by the child (various magnets are included in the set you buy),
  • stimulation of creativity - boards require interaction, allowing the child to try to use them in an interesting way. This makes the board satisfying for the child and teaches them independence in play,
  • money savings - buying a double-sided board will provide the child with learning through play, and for you - peace of mind from buying other toys. For a long time.

Double-Sided Board or Not - Which One to Choose?

Chalkboards, magnetic boards, boards made of wood - in our store's offer, you will find educational boards of many different types. So which one should you choose to make it work in action? We recommend paying the most attention to the child's age. It defines which type of educational board will work best for them. Boards containing simple magnetic pictures are an excellent choice for the youngest children. A chalkboard and small wooden boards will work better for older children. Be sure to pay attention to the contents of the set. In the case of a chalkboard, the set's content is certainly a sponge and chalk. For other types of boards, it can be something completely different. One of the advantages of our products is their compatibility - a board made of a special magnetic material also offers support for magnetic elements not included in the set (including motivational magnets). Having trouble choosing? Contact us, and we will be happy to advise you on which double-sided wooden board (or another) will work best for you.

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