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Naboi Set


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Our range of accessories for police (and more) toy guns allows you to enhance the functionality of the toy guns available in another category of our store. You can expand their capabilities and make each mega gun even more durable. As with any other item in our assortment, you can count on the highest quality of products here. Each of them is entirely made of safe materials - the product's advantages are, however, described separately in its description.

Toy Guns - What Accessories Do We Offer?

Our range of accessories that enhance toy guns is broad and diverse. Its main element is undoubtedly the ammunition, which is fired immediately after pressing the trigger. Each gun comes with a specified amount of ammunition. We allow you to increase it, which is crucial for more intense boys' play. Such play scenarios where they don't have time to look for already shot projectiles. Additional ammunition makes the game more interesting and certainly more attractive. It also allows for the creation of many other play scenarios, both using foam guns and those using a set of space weapons. We include accessories with every colorful gun in our offer. The contents of the set may vary depending on the specific model. The police set, for example, often includes badges or police hats, which are not present in other military toys.

Why Should You Purchase Accessories for Toy Guns?

Almost every gun we offer supports accessories - these are, after all, the main advantages of a well-made product. Their proper selection can provide a child with incredibly exciting play - and that is the main advantage of these accessories. Toy guns become more realistic and more convenient to use through their suitable selection. After all, what would a space weapon set be without the right number of capes or foam darts? A mega gun is also a mega quantity of accessories, thanks to which:

  • the child will get rid of limitations - creating new play scenarios with accessories is even easier,
  • there will be more fun - a space weapon set, but also any other, will be more liked and used more often thanks to them, ensuring incredibly exciting play for the child,
  • the toy will not get boring quickly - in boys' and girls' play, the selection of toys that do not get boring is essential. Foam guns offer light effects, but without the right number of capes, playing with toy guns can be frustrating.

Toy Guns - How to Choose Accessories for Your Child?

When choosing toy guns, be sure to familiarize yourself with the child's taste. Some children like space weapons, while others would prefer a well-made police gun. The same goes for accessories, which largely depend on the chosen gun. Not every gun has the same places for projectiles and the same mounts for accessories. So, prioritize compatibility. Also, see what is included with the space weapon or colorful gun you are buying. The space gun set, for example, often already includes cartridges. If there are too few, immediately add more to ensure the child simply incredibly exciting play. Without the frustration of running out of ammunition. Remember that not every gun fits caps of a different type. You can ruin incredibly exciting play by choosing the wrong accessories - so be sure to pay attention to it. You can always reach out for our help. Together we will complete the police set, help you choose a colorful gun, and give your child confidence in good play. Thanks to this, he will undoubtedly not run out of play scenarios.

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