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Our toy wholesale has ensured that every magic drawing board in our offer represents the highest possible quality. The educational toys of this kind sold by us have undergone internal tests before entering our product range. This ensures that each magnetic drawing board (both colored and regular) is of the highest quality and allows for learning to draw at the highest level. For the youngest and slightly older recipients.

Graphic magic drawing boards in our offer

Our range of graphic magic drawing boards is extensive and aims to cater to the tastes of the widest possible audience. The educational toys in this category that we sell differ from each other in appearance and functionality. All of them allow drawing pictures, but each does it in a slightly different way. The most basic colored magic drawing board allows free drawing in one color. A more advanced model of a graphic magic drawing board allows the use of a greater number of colors and is more suitable for learning to write, memorizing the gestures made by the user. For drawing, a magic drawing board from the lowest price range works excellently. Each drawing board has a screen of various sizes, which significantly influences the learning of drawing and its comfort. In any case, these are educational toys that will facilitate a child's drawing, allow for good fun, and enable them to create a work of art. In the blink of an eye.

Magnetic board - what determines its price?

Magnetic drawing boards in our offer are available in various price ranges. What does the price depend on? The magnetic board itself has a significant impact on the price, and whether the drawing will disappear or be preserved. Each drawing board has a special memory function - drawings will disappear after turning it off or when it is discharged. In terms of price, it matters not only whether the drawing will disappear but also how it will look. An illuminated board can significantly improve its appearance. A colored magnetic drawing board usually costs more than one that allows writing in a single color. However, it is often worth adding a bit more to ensure effective drawing learning for the child.

Graphic tablet magnetic drawing board - why is it worth buying?

A colored magic drawing board is an increasingly popular choice among those aiming for educational toys. It is the best idea to encourage a child to do something creative. It is also a wonderful toy offering fantastic entertainment for children while encouraging their development.

  • Stimulates creativity. A colored magnetic drawing board and colored magic pen are excellent tools to stimulate imagination and unleash creativity.
  • Teaches consequences. Magic drawing boards are educational toys that make a child's drawings progressively better. Learning to draw through play teaches that the more effort you put into it, the better results you will achieve.
  • Facilitates the development of manual skills. Especially if equipped with a special magnetic pen. Excellent drawings are created on the board, which become even better with each subsequent use.

A magic drawing board is the best idea for a gift if you aim for educational toys. It is a wonderful toy guaranteeing fantastic entertainment for children. No room for boredom.

Which graphic magic drawing board to buy?

When buying a magnetic drawing board for your little one, you need to pay attention to a few aspects. Surely, you would like it to remember the child's drawings. A magnetic drawing board used for drawing does not always allow for this (sometimes the drawing will disappear after some time). The best idea is to opt for equipment that allows the child to write and draw in a form tailored to their age. Younger children treat learning to draw a bit more casually - an illuminated board, a colored magnetic drawing board, and a special magnetic pen with a large screen are enough for them. Still hesitating about which magnetic drawing board to buy for your child? Feel free to contact us. We will gladly recommend a drawing and writing magnetic board that will perform well in action. However, before you do that, be sure to browse through our full range. We are confident that you will find something from it.

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