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Rocking Horses and Ride Ons

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The products you will find in this category will be loved not only by horse enthusiasts but also by children who simply love spending time with animals. Older children don't have to limit themselves to horse-shaped ride-ons in our store. Our assortment allows them to start riding lessons on other types of toys as well.

Toys for Horse Riding Lessons - Our Offer

We have taken care to ensure that only high-quality products are included in the assortment of our online store. Those that are also suitable for the youngest children who could use them. So you can be confident that the toy you buy from us will serve them for many years. Even in the case of frequent horse riding and the most intensive use. Younger children will especially love the colorful models of our products, which combine an attractive appearance with all the benefits of horse riding (and more). Thanks to us, the child has a choice, and you have the certainty that you will buy them a toy that perfectly fits their needs, expectations, and capabilities. The first rides using our toys are not among the most difficult. Our toys are incredibly intuitive. Children only need to get on them - right after that, they will know what to do next. This is a great option for a child who likes to spend time completely independently. For riding, the child will not need to be encouraged, especially if you choose a toy model that mimics the appearance of real purebred horses.

Why Is It Worth Teaching Children to Ride with Our Toys?

Children love horse riding - a fact that does not need to be emphasized. As soon as they try horse riding, they will surely want to buy everything with a horse motif and constantly improve their horse riding style. However, it turns out that our toys give the child much more benefits. Among the main and definitely noteworthy benefits are:

  • Incredibly interesting and engaging play - every child likes to spend time moving. With our toys, horse riding allows children to stimulate their imagination and simply force their bodies to move,
  • Useful time spending - not only do children love horses, but they can also distract themselves from the TV or smartphone with them - always a plus, especially in today's times.
  • Development of fine motor skills - using such toys contributes to the child's development in terms of many aspects of their life. A horse lover will teach you to balance, but also to play independently. Horse riding also affects respect for animals - even in a toy form. In addition, horse riding increases attachment to them - regardless of how much time the child spends on it,
  • Stimulating new interest - toys of this kind literally push children towards equestrian centers offering horse riding. Thanks to this, you can pleasantly start teaching children this ride. So that the fun becomes part of learning to ride on a real animal.

Our toys can be used by both small and slightly older children. We offer a wide range of products - so you don't have to buy a large horse. Instead, you can buy a smaller rocking horse, just right for the youngest horse lover.

How to Choose Horse Riding Toys and Equestrian Accessories?

The choice of the right toy depends primarily on the age of the children. In any case, horse riding can be enjoyable - but it should be remembered that during the ride, the child may decide that the horse is not for them. That's why our store offers not only toys for horse lovers but also ride-ons unrelated to them (such as those resembling tanks or excavators). Each of them is a substitute for a rocking horse and has almost the same impact on the child's development. Of course, much depends on the specificity and attitude of a particular child. Those who like animals and show a tendency towards them will certainly like the rocking horse you bought for them. Those who prefer more mature toys will be more willing to get on a tractor, bulldozer, or the aforementioned excavator. It is worth paying attention to visual aspects, but also to the fact that not every toy is intended for boys or girls. Are you still in a dilemma and don't know which product to choose? Our staff will be happy to provide you with advice and help you choose the product that will be perfect for your child. So, if you have already independently reviewed our offer and read the description of each product, and still cannot make a decision - reach out to us. We will be happy to help. We will present those elements of our assortment that will work best. At the same time, we will tell you what you can count on when buying them from us.

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