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Gra Edukacyjna „Sylaba Do Sylaby”

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Gra Edukacyjna „Sylaba Do Sylaby”

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Description Educational Game "Syllable To Syllable"

The educational game "Syllable to Syllable" (4-8 years old) is a classic picture puzzle that supports reading skills through syllable analysis and synthesis. Depending on the method adopted, syllabification is one of the stages of learning to read. Children move from recognizing syllables to combining them into words. Playing with colorful tokens engages the senses of sight, hearing and touch, thanks to which the child copes more effectively with the new challenge of learning to read.

Development of vocabulary and linguistic imagination

Playing with syllables makes it easier to learn to read because the child first recognizes the parts of the word (syllables), and only then combines them with the remaining elements, finally combining them into a word. It's a bit like building a house from several larger elements instead of several dozen small ones - it's easier. Children can be encouraged to play with syllables as early as preschool age. Learning to read becomes much easier with this game.

Anna Jankowska, educator, author of the blogs Only for Moms and Active Reading

The "Syllable to Syllable" game contains rich expressive material. In the simplest variant of the game, the child names the illustrations, divides the word into syllables, and then creates a word from them. It is worth starting the game by choosing simple words without digraphs that start with an open syllable, e.g.: fish-ba, lo-dy, ze-gar. In a more difficult version, the child composes words without illustrations, but can use the hint of the background color. Advanced players can play with all the tokens and create words that their imagination suggests. The set includes 32 blue tokens for composing 2-syllable words, 48 orange tiles for composing 3-syllable words, 64 red tiles for composing 4-syllable words, and instructions with 4 game variants.

Colorful, contrasting illustrations by Magdalena Popovics make it easier to learn to read, and playing with the puzzle develops vocabulary, visual perception and consolidates the direction of reading from left to right.

The tokens are made of thick cardboard, which guarantees safe play and durability even during the most exciting games.


learning to read, speech development, concentration, fine motor skills

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Minimal age 4 year +
Sex girl
Minimum number of players 2
Additional Effects lack
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