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Educational Game "Count well, Beaver!"

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Educational Game "Count well, Beaver!"

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Description Educational Game "Count well, Beaver!"

"Count Well, Beaver" (3-6 years old) is a counting game for preschoolers, thanks to which they can become masters of mathematical Tetris. Players join a team of inventive beavers and race against each other to stack beams of wood. The first one to build a dam with them wins.

Players can choose from two types of gameplay - they can count up to 10 or up to 20. Using the board with a clue, they draw a beam of wood and figure out how to arrange it to create a dam as quickly as possible. Thanks to special tokens, they can decide what length of beam they need, while practicing addition and subtraction. The winner is the one who shows reflexes, cunning, numeracy and logical thinking.

Count well, beaver is an extremely addictive game for preschoolers. Its mechanics are based on the STEM method, i.e. an innovative approach to learning that develops mathematical and logical thinking and competences necessary in the world of new technologies by creating opportunities to take up challenges and solve problems.

At the same time, the game teaches healthy competition. It is also a great way to develop concentration, ingenuity and perseverance in finding solutions. The games can be adapted to the players' mathematical skills, so preschoolers of different ages and temperaments can take part in the beaver race.

The boards and tokens are made of thick cardboard, which guarantees durability even during the most exciting games.

From an expert's perspective

A great game for children who already know numbers and will now learn to add and subtract between 1-20. Taking on the role of hardworking beavers, they will build a dam and at the same time develop the ability to compare numbers and see mathematical relationships. An addictive game with friendly animals - I highly recommend it!

Kinga Gałązka – mathematician, expert at the Education Development Center, consultant at the Provincial Teacher Training Center in Łódź


addition and subtraction, logical thinking, memory, perception

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Minimal age 3 year +
Sex girl
Minimum number of players 2
Maximum number of players 4
Leading color multicolour
Additional Effects lack
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