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Gra Edukacyjna "Alfabet Na 3 Sposoby"

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Gra Edukacyjna "Alfabet Na 3 Sposoby"

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Description Educational Game "Alphabet in 3 Ways"

The educational game "Alphabet in 3 Ways" (3-7 years old) is a simple and effective game that introduces preschoolers to learning to read in Polish and English in three steps: from learning the letters, through connecting them with the meaning of words, to creating their own words. Thanks to three variants of games: puzzles, memory, word puzzles, children learn the Polish and English alphabet, consolidate the shapes of letters and learn to put them together into words. At the same time, they develop linguistic imagination and eye-hand coordination, essential in learning to read and write.

Memory and linguistic imagination training

A is for alpaca, b is for... banana, c is for... circus! With the game "Alphabet in 3 Ways" (3-7 years old), preschoolers will learn to recognize the shape of letters, connect pictures with the first letter of their name, and form simple words such as mom, dad, doll or car.

By combining three game variants (puzzle, memory, word puzzle), the game familiarizes the child with letters and introduces them to reading. Putting together puzzles and matching letter tokens to a specific picture (each pair of puzzles allows you to independently check the error) develops logical thinking and eye-hand coordination necessary in learning to read, write and draw. The memory game (using puzzles with drawings and tokens) exercises visual perception and consolidates the ability to recognize letters. Word puzzles shape linguistic imagination and encourage word play, opening the world of words and their meanings to the child. Advanced players can form as many words as possible in time or come up with rebuses. A double-sided poster with the alphabet in Polish English and colorful drawings will help you remember all the letters of the Polish language.

Colorful and realistic illustrations by Agnieszka Ulatowska make it easier to recognize words and encourage fun learning of letters, enabling progressive games introducing learning to reading.

The puzzles and tokens are made of thick cardboard, which guarantees safe play and durability even during the most exciting games.


learning to read, learning English, memory, eye-hand coordination

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Minimal age 3 year +
Sex girl
Minimum number of players 1
Leading color multicolour
Additional Effects lack
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