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Educational Game "Alphabet smart BINGO"

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Educational Game "Alphabet smart BINGO"

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Description Educational Game "Alphabet smart BINGO"

Educational game "Alphabet. "Smart Bingo" (3-7 years old) by Kapitan Nauka is an exciting game with a drawing wheel that introduces preschoolers to the world of letters. Thanks to an active form of learning, children learn to recognize letters, distinguish their shape from other characters and connect them with the corresponding sound and meaning of a word starting with a given letter. At the same time, they develop visual and auditory perception and perceptiveness. This is an excellent training to prepare children to learn to read.

Developing vocabulary and linguistic imagination

Smart Bingo is great games for the whole family and a great opportunity to learn, among others: colors and letters. Thanks to them, children will develop visual perception, perceptiveness and concentration. Games can also be an interesting teaching aid for teachers during everyday activities in kindergarten.

Magdalena Tokarczyk – preschool teacher, author of the blog, and privately mother of three boys.

B is for shoe, u is for beehive, z is for clock! Educational game "Alphabet. "Smart Bingo" (3-7 years old) is a lively entertainment during which preschoolers learn and remember letters and words starting with a specific letter and their meanings. The Captain of Science game is based on the rules of the well-known bingo game - you need to find and mark on your board the letters or pictures drawn on the drawing wheel. The first person to fill four adjacent spaces on the board (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) wins. The more difficult version also develops strategic thinking skills, as you can only check one box with a letter or a picture of two matching elements.

"Alphabet. “Smart Bingo” is a great family game that will provide all participants with good fun. Krzysztof Stręcioch took care of the fantastic graphics. His colorful and unique drawings will make it easier for preschoolers to remember the letters of the Polish alphabet.

The boards, tokens and the drawing wheel are made of thick cardboard, which guarantees safe play and durability even during the most exciting games.


learning to read, perceptiveness, concentration, eye-hand coordination

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Minimal age 3 year +
Sex girl
Minimum number of players 2
Maximum number of players 4
Leading color multicolour
Additional Effects lack
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