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Tiger tank Painted Bunker 1 28

The symbol:

Tiger tank Painted Bunker 1 28

The symbol:
Tiger tank Painted Bunker 1:28
The tank has a frequency of 2.4 GHz, so that at the same time it is possible to drive vehicles by many players.
In addition, the set has been equipped with an interactive bunker, which we can destroy during the battle and we must protect ourselves against attacks from his side in order to save the tank from destruction
Perfectly made, equipped with wonderful sound and light effects.
After unpacking from the box, the tank is ready for play - it is powered by a rechargeable battery.
The battery and tank charger are included in the kit.
When buying tanks in various colors, we can carry out a great fight, including
The Great Battle of the Tanks, which will draw everyone in, regardless of age.
The rotating turret is equipped with a barrel with an infrared system.
After aiming and putting the right shot in the direction of the second vehicle, you will hear a realistic sound of the hit target.
One of the four controls on an enemy tank will go out to confirm the hit.
After a four-hit, the enemy vehicle will be immobilized for 15 seconds!
The battle has been won and you can start a new game from the beginning.
Crawler chassis perfectly imitates the ride of a real tank. Instinctive control of the tank does not cause any difficulties and is easy to master after just a few attempts.
Our combat vehicle can handle obstacles up to 3 cm in height.
Realistic recoil of a vehicle during a shot - our vehicle behaves like a real tank on the battlefield during a gunshot.
It has an opening hatch on the turret, in which we can place a tanker with a machine gun.
Control - the vehicle can be driven forward, backwards, turned right and left, and rotated in place just like a real tank.

- range up to approx. 40 meters,
- charging time about 4 hours,
- maximum speed of movement up to approx. 6 km / h,
- the tank can rotate by 360 degrees, in addition, the turret controlled from the remote control rotates by 320 degrees.
- the barrel, which is placed on the top of the tank, moves up and down.
Sound effects:
- engine noise,
- the sound of gunfire.
Light effects:
 - glowing headlamps on the vehicle and on the turret,
- electronic power indicator at the rear of the vehicle.
Set contains

- vehicle,
- remote control with antenna,
- a set of batteries,
- battery charger,
- light measurement,
- interactive turret.
- length approx. 360 mm,
- height approx. 115 mm,
- width approx. 120 mm.
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