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Rummy Puzzle Game

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Rummy Puzzle Game

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DescriptionRummy Puzzle Game

Rummy is a family puzzle game for children from three years of age. The object of the game is to put all your dice from the game stand on the table. Players create different combinations of dice and match them to the layout on the table. The game is a lot of fun and stimulates creativity.
Game rules
We mix the cubes and place them number down on the table.
Each player draws one dice at random. The person with the highest drawn number on the dice starts the game, and the game is played clockwise. Then we put all the dice back on the table and put them in blocks of seven dice and the last one will have 8 dice. Blocks are allocated to players, 2 blocks per player for a total of 14 cubes. The cubes left over from the allocation are pools. The player places the dice on the board in such a way that other players cannot see them. If a player receives three dice of the same number or color (e.g. two red threes, two blue sixes, two black twelve), he has the right to ask all players to redistribute the dice.
The game consists in placing series or groups of cubes created by the player on the table. A series consists of at least three dice with consecutive numbers of one color. The group consists of three or four dice with the same number in different colors. The set includes two smiley faces that replace any cube missing to form a group or series and have the same value as the cube they are replacing.
A player may put his dice on the table when he has accumulated one or more sets with a total value of at least 30 points. If a player has no melds to put dice on the table, he takes one additional dice from the pool. In the next turn after the game is opened, a player may add his dice to the sets lying on the table, but must place at least one cube from his tile with each move. If he is unable to do so, he draws another dice from the pool.
There is a time limit of two minutes for each move. If a player does not make it within this time, he must take an additional die from the pool.
The game ends when one of the players places all the dice from his tablet on the table. The players then count the points. The loser adds up the numbers left on the plates and writes them down with a minus sign. The winner writes down the sum of the points of the remaining players with a plus sign. If the player has a badge with a smiley face on his rack at the end of the game, he gets an additional minus one hundred points to his account.
- cube approx.2.5 cm x 2 cm,
- a game stand approx. 18.3 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm,
- package approx. 23.5 cm x 16 cm x 5.5 cm.
- 106 dice, including 2 with a smiling face,
- 4 game stands,
- user manual.
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Minimal age 3 year +
Sex girl
Minimum number of players 2
Leading color multicolour
Additional Effects lack
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