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Gaming table 12 in 1 105x57xx71cm

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Gaming table 12 in 1 105x57xx71cm

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DescriptionGaming table 12 in 1 105x57xx71cm  (T3512)
- pool table
- air hockey,
- football,
- Table Tennis,
- bowling
- chess,
- checkers,
- trik trak,
- shuffleboard,
- rings,
- black jack,
- horseshoe.

The billiards table is covered with a special cloth.
The game consists in hitting balls, or balls made of appropriate material and with certain parameters using a stick.
The goal of the game is to hit balls with bows.
Usually, two people participate in the game, playing balls alternately, usually making moves to make the first mistake.
The billiard section of the set includes:
- table with dimensions of approx. 55/103 cm + 6 balls for balls, secured with a net,
- 2 wooden sticks, each approximately 92 cm long,
- 17 ball,
- triangle
- 2 chalk cubes,
- a cloth brush.
Table dimensions about 105 cm x 57 cm x 71 cm.
The goal of the game is to get more goals from the opponent.
The ball is controlled by means of gilli, to which players are attached, which can be pulled, pushed or rotated, which causes: attracting figures from a given grove to each other (to the right side of the playing field), pushing figures (to the left side of the game) and digging with figures.
The pitch is divided into 3 zones - defense, help and attack.
The help zone is very important.
It is in it that the game is started (the ball is dropped).
Passing this zone means moving from defense to attack or vice versa. In the defense zone you have to block the opponent's shot and kick the ball into the attack zone or directly shoot the opponent's goal.
In the attack zone you have to score a goal, and after its possible loss try to prevent the opponent from leaving this zone.
The football part of the kit includes:
- a football table,
- 2 balls,
- 4 gilles with players,
Dimensions of the football table approx. 109 cm x 61 cm x 81 cm.
Checkers is a board game related to chess, played on the same board, using 24 pieces (12 for each player).
The game is played on dark fields 8 × 8 squares.
Each player starts the game with twelve pawns of his color, playing black with the first move.
The goal of the game is to capture all opponent's pieces or prevent the opponent from making moves (no free spaces to move).
If none of the players is able to achieve this (each player will make 15 moves of the ladies without reducing the number of pieces remaining on the board), there is a draw.
The checker part of the kit includes:
- a board with dimensions of approx. 32/32 cm,
- pawns.
Bowling is a game that involves turning as many pins as possible using a special ball.
The correct game consists of 4 sets of 30 throws.
Each 30 throws are divided into 15 throws to "full" and 15 to "collected".
When playing to the "full", the bowler always throws all 10 pins after each throw, while in the "collected" after the first throw "happens" in subsequent throws "breaking" the remaining pins, all of them down.
In the next roll it starts again with breaking etc.
The sum of overturned pins is the final result of the game.
The bowling part of the set includes:
- 10 pieces of bowling,
- crutches.
Table tennis, popularly called ping pong, is a game in which 2 (single) or 4 people (doubles) participate.
The game consists in bouncing the ball with a racket so that it flew over the net to the other half of the table.
The ball must hit the table only once, it is not allowed to bounce the ball out of the air, as is the case in tennis.
Points are awarded for hits that the opponent has not received.
The tennis part of the kit includes:
- 2 bats,
- 2 balls,
- netting with a length of about 46 cm,
- 2 posts for the grid.
Chess is one of the most popular and the most difficult strategy games, played by two players on a 64-piece chessboard, using a set of pawns and figures.
The game always starts white, which gives them some initiative in the initial phase of the party.
Players take turns making their moves in line with the rules of movement for a given figure, and if they enter the field occupied by the opponent, he makes his man fall.
The chess set contains:
- a board with dimensions of 32/32 cm,
- 16 white pieces,
- 16 brown pieces.
Triktrak (backgammon - triktrak) - a board game designed for two people.
It consists in moving the pions in accordance with the number of cubes dropped on a 24-zone board.
The winner is the person who will first remove all of his pawns from the board.
Known practically in every corner of the world, popular for many years everywhere (and especially in Greece).
Designed for people of all ages, ranging from children to elderly people.
A puzzle game (strategic) that not only relaxes and gives entertainment, but also sharpens the senses, forces the mind to work and trains concentration and the ability to think quickly and logically.
Rings are a board game in which two or four players can participate.
If only two people play, they compete with each other.
Each opponent has a different ring color at his / her disposal.
Each player pushes one of the rings during the turn.
If the gameplay
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Minimal age 6 year +
Sex girl
Minimum number of players 2
Maximum number of players 4
Leading color multicolour
Made of wood Yes
Additional Effects lack
Leading color multicolour
Material MDF
Minimum number of players 2
Maximum number of players 4
Additional Effects lack
Dimensions (approx.)
Length (cm) 105
Width (cm) 57
Height (cm) 71
Weight (kg) 33
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