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Our online store serves its customers with fantastic magnetic toys at affordable prices. Before each of them entered our assortment, it went through our tests. Thanks to this, you can be sure that all magnetic toys are not only interesting but also safe and durable. In a word: high quality.

Magnetic blocks in our store's offer

Toys in our wholesale are offered in various sets, allowing you to choose them according to the needs and abilities of your child. In our offer, you will find magnetic blocks for both older and younger children. The latter work perfectly when introducing a child to the world of playing with them. We ensure that connecting magnetic blocks is as easy as possible but also provides complete freedom of play. This way, the child ultimately decides what will be created from them. The magnetic toys in our offer were created by combining magnetic elements and 'bodies' made of plastic or wood. Each product in our offer is characterized by high durability and is ready for the most intensive, daily use.

How do magnetic blocks work?

Magnetic blocks work great in contact with the youngest. The main reason for this is how these blocks work. As the name itself indicates, they are based on magnetic elements. Therefore, they are not connected to each other by inserting additional elements but by making them touch each other. Of course, the main material remains different. In our offer, you can even find wooden magnetic blocks. In this case, the connecting element is a magnet, and their construction consists of wood. Magnetic blocks, therefore, consist of a basic structure (plastic, wood) and a magnetic element that allows them to be connected to each other.

Magnetic blocks - why is it worth it?

All magnetic blocks work perfectly during play. They are primarily toys that are undemanding but engaging. However, their advantages do not end there. In our assortment, you will find magnetic blocks that:

  • develop manual skills - using magnetic blocks, children handle their hands more skillfully and learn precise movements. In a rewarding and undemanding way;
  • teach logical thinking - by using magnetic blocks, a child learns to analyze which elements fit together. Magnetic blocks allow them to learn to connect facts and choose the right solutions for the situation;
  • provide a lot of freedom in play - original magnetic blocks allow the child to decide independently which direction their play will go. They develop imagination and promote creativity;
  • encourage play with others - playing with blocks together can be as enjoyable as playing alone.

Magnetic blocks allow a child to develop. They are a fantastic motivator and can be a great lesson from which the child will take away a lot of good. This is the best choice you can make when it comes to educational toys.

How to choose magnetic blocks?

When choosing wooden magnetic blocks, pay attention primarily to the main picture. Although the creation of a child using them may deviate from the manufacturer's recommendations, it often aims for it. The number of magnetic elements is also important. Excellent blocks have many of them, providing the child with many more possibilities. Remember that each child considers different blocks interesting. So adjust your choice to their individual preferences. If you want to buy an interesting toy for your child but have no idea how to choose it, contact us. Colorful blocks are our specialty - we will be happy to help you choose the best ones for your child.

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